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March 27, 2001

Briar is giving notice of leave - 2 weeks holiday from SoF, however will be around on ICQ if needed.

February 16, 2001

The Seals want all clans to vote on the future of their ctf euroleague, Briar has posted on behalf of WM clan yet you can all go to their forum and give your opinion.

February 15, 2001

Attendance at the meeting :

Fire, Llyama, BadGuy, Raz, Steel, Bash and Briar. Apologies from Warlord and Kucher.

February 14, 2001

Happy Valentines Day all.

Briar sends a smacker to all in the clan.

February 12, 2001

There are 5 new uk sof servers up from nguk and UWClumsy Cowboy is to be boss. Heres what he posted on the forum....

I'm posting this on all the clan forums, just to be sure that everybody knows that Netgames-UK have just put up 5 new S-O-F servers ( sorry to spam, but 5 new servers are somthing of an event for the s-o-f community IMO).

They will soon be running:

1 x DM

1 x Assassin

1 x CTF

1 x CTF bullets only

We're still undecided on what to do with server No.5. It's gonna be either:Team-DM, Team-CTB, Arsenal or Conquer. There is a discussion going on over on our Forum about what game type to run; your opinion would be welcome. There are 1 or 2 little teething problems( like having to toggle the 'pure server' opition in the violence-lock screen to connect), but it's being worked on & will soon be fixed.


There is a social gathering/meeting for all War Machines Thursday 15 th in the chatroom.

Things we gonna talk bout include:- Clan Battles, Tactic - we have one! 2 v 2 tournie, New Members, Server to be ours... and any other nonsense you lot wanna fill the time with So.... Thursday at 8pm?

February 5, 2001

WM v UW we won!

Check out the pics page for the screenies. Score was 6-0,then 6-1 and the third map wasnt played.

January 31, 2001

WM Alien alias [.com] El^Zombie is leaving us to start a ctf division of .com We wish him all the best and it was fun while he was with us.

Look forward to meeting his team in the future.

January 28, 2001

Please make room for Kucher who is now part of the clan, from USA he will be seen later at night and at weekends.

January 28, 2001

WM v MIF we won!

Check out the pics page for the screenies.

January 25, 2001

Euroleague match no. 4 is against MIF please check the forum for details and be in touch with Fire as Briar is not available this weekend.

January 20, 2001

WM are now entered into the Jolt ctf knockout tournie - please watch the forum or here for latest news about when it begins and who the first match will be against.

January 19,2001

We have a new recruit for our ctf games - WM Blood who has joined us specifically for ctf as he is also in another dm clan like WM Alien

please welcome him to the clan.

January 12, 2001

Llyama has invited all War Machines to 'design a mascot' and post it on the forum.

January2, 2001


Clan Praccy Times:

Monday 8pm till 10pm (officially) on the clan ctf server

Sunday 7pm till 10pm on the TD clan server

Please note that Monday night is the main night for praccy and if you know of any clans interested in friendlies in this time to play with us then invite 'em! It would be good if we could play together on the same team rather than against each other fer a change! When the WP CTF league starts it will be focussed on the Tuesday night only for the games.

January 1, 2001

Have a guid new Year all.

December 25, 2000

Merry Christmas to all War Machines and all our mates in SOF.


December 20, 2000

Llyama is back amongst us again revitalised and back on active duty.

December 17, 2000

Tonight was the first match for the euroleague held by the Seals we played against Oz and lost.

December 9, 2000

Clan Birthday! - Special Birthday Pie for Raz who is 18 today!

December 4, 2000

Clan Birthday! - Big hoppy burpday to Crash who is 18 today!

Please welcome -WM-Alien our newest recruit and ctf team member. Alien joins WM to specifically have fun in the ctf side of sof as he plays dm for another clan.

Llyama is today going on leave from the clan for December and the New Year, jetsetting off on holiday for some sun and making us all jealous!

December 3, 2000

As joint leader Briar has taken the decision to leave the DM Euroleague. This decision was made after discussion with clan members; with the view of 2 ctf leagues about to begin, and various clan members about to have time off it was felt that the clan needed to devote all its attention on the ctf side of things.

November 30, 2000

Today we played the third match of the DM league versus [X]. Thanks go to the Llyama and Steel who substituted at the last minute for Warlord and Raz who could not make the game.

Warlord has handed in notice for time off from the clan for personal reasons - his spot will be kept for him for whenever he feels he is ready to rejoin us again.

November 26, 2000

Tonight was the first meeting ofg the CTF Euroleague run by the Seals. Standing in for Briar was Fire representing the WM clan and joined together with all the other reps from the other clans to putt forward our preferred settings and discuss arrangements and rules for the upcoming league. To find out more about this please check out the CTF page.

November 21, 2000

At practice session today it was agreed that we concentrate our efforts on the upcoming ctf leagues as we are first and foremost a ctf clan.

It was also agreed that organisation and communication is of prime importance and with that in mind Briar is to send to all in clan a copy of the WM CTF Clan League pack, parts (not the top secret plans!) of which will be placed onto the homepage. This will be in chapters and will be updated as required.

Practice sessions are now to be formally structured with attendance noted - for practice times please check the forum as they are to be updated now that there is an additional clan server devoted to ctf.

Discipline - whilst the clan is in PRACTICE please show respect to any leader by LISTENING and FOLLOWING any given exercise or orders. We are a funloving clan but please remember certain members have time limits and it is unfair to them if we cannot complete training or discussion of important issues in the time booked.

Briar would like all members to choose a home map for the ctf league by Friday the 24th of November, please choose wisely and have your reasons for your map of choice.

The wmchatroom has been organized by team member Crash please make sure you have mIRC installed and know how to get to our room - which is #wmclanchat. This room is for the team to voice their opinions, to plan, to strategise, and to meet up in. If you are unsure then please message Briar,Llyama or Crash.


November 19, 2000

Today we played the second match of the DM league versus .COM .

This game was thrust on us rather fast as the .com will only play Sundays however again a good turn out was had. Wm lost the match which was to be expected against such a dm clan as the .coms.

November 16, 2000

Today we played the first match of the DM league with RYHO clan.

We had various problems with ping and accidental booting by the admin - in the end the -wm-s lost this match. Re-match was an option, however, taking time into consideration it was decided to let the game stand and make it a 'learning experience' for us all.

This match saw the best turnout of clanmembers 8 out of the 10 of us were there!Thanks to all who were there to support their team! Unfortunately the game needs to be a smaller size due to lag and suchlike and not everyone had a chance to play. Don't worry if you didn't play - there are many more games coming up and your chance will come!

November 11, 2000

The clan has now entered the DM euroleague!

Nemesis leader of da Brouze has withdrawn his clan from the league and offered us the spot to compete in their place! The league begins very soon watch for further information on the forum.

November 4, 2000

Clan birthday! - Hippy barfday to Briar 28 today


November 3, 2000

Briar has put the clan forward for the ctf euroleague which is being run by the Seals - more details on this later.

Clan birthday! - all the best to Chaos on his 16th Birthday

October 31, 2000

It was at 11pm that Llyama, Fire, Warlord, and Briar representing the wm's played a team dm friendly with the Brouze, Steel also joined in the fun at one point. We took them by surprise at their own game - check out the screenies found on the pics page.

Well played War machines!

October 29, 2000

Good news! E-bandit has his site back up and running again I have seen a few of you there already...c'mon the rest of you get over there and post or reply to some topics!

Please welcome our newest recruit and soldier in training - Badguy Im sure a lot of you have already met him on the servers.

*WE HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED!* shortly after our messageboard went up the Brouze spotted us and have challenged us to either a friendly or a battle. Look out for more information on the message board.

October 25, 2000

Bad news! e-bandit the provider of clan forums for us all has had his site nuked by accident by his domain providers! So at the moment all that will be found on our forums page is a bit of flashy stuff courtesy of El Diablo for the clan forums site - hope that e-bandit gets some sleep over the next few weeks while trying to rebuild all his hard work.

At such time that our messageboard is once again up and running, Llyama will be taking over as moderator to keep you guys under control!

October 24, 2000

Hurrah!! The webby is up! There are still some areas to develop so please be patient, any suggestions please forward them - a big thank you to everyone for their help. I plan to update the webby weekly and expect all of you to add contributions, whether for the piccy page or the news because this webby is for all of us after all.

October 21, 2000

War Machine clan messageboard is now up and running, find it here. Please move in and make it familiar, it will be one of the main ways to get in touch with each other and also other clans.

October 17, 2000

To bring us all up to date the clan has grown to 9 members in total check everyone out in the members page. This means its time to get organized for I know you are all [dying] for a clan battle!

October 16, 2000

Please welcome Bash our newest recruit and soldier in training.